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Hey, I'm Peter,

and I help startups and agencies scale by helping them find the right freelance talent.

Finding flexible talent is not rocket science πŸš€

The best talent is now freelance talent. It's time for you to tap into that.
  • Startups and agencies can struggle with scaling.
    Especially when you want to find quality talent but don't have the time and resources to do so. But...
  • Time should not be a factor.
    Established companies with complex hiring processes and checklists can spend months finding the right talent. A fast-moving business has different priorities.
  • The best talent wants flexibility.
    The era of remote work is here to stay, in fact, the best of the best actually prefers the freedoms of freelancing & remote work. The hidden gems of the job market.
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How do I know all of this? 🀨

Because I have seen the gig economy from all THREE sides.
  • As a freelancer
    who managed to build a clientele starting from the bottom, and climbing the ladder to land six-figure clients.
  • As a chief marketing officer
    hiring and building remote-first teams well before the pandemic for global software as a service companies.
  • And by helping other freelancers
    as the founder of Freelace Pizza, a site dedicated to freelance creative professionals. I live and breathe freelancing, in fact, this is me...

How can a training help with all that? πŸ‘

This one-day online training touches on the four keystones of freelance talent acquisition.

Session 1) Organizational demand

60 minutes, interactive online session.
We identify what areas of your organization would benefit the most from finding freelance talent, how many work hours would you need, and what kind of exact talent you require. We talk about budget, goals and what's realistic.

Session 2) Where to find talent

90 minutes, interactive online session.
We discuss the most common freelancing platforms, from UpWork through Fiverr to job hunting on remote boards. We talk about the pros and cons of each platform, and brainstorm which one is the best choice for your business.

Session 3) How to find the right talent

90 minutes, interactive online session.
Once we agree on a plan of action regarding budget, goals and freelancing platform, we talk about how to post jobs, filter for great talent, spot common red flags & how to find the perfect talent for your budget.

Session 4) Working with outside talent

60 minutes, interactive online session.
Finally we discuss the best-practices of onboarding outside talent. This includes legal frameworks, project management, communication as well as boundary setting that is beneficial to both parties.

What do I know about freelancing? πŸ™Œ

Hey, I'm Peter, and I have been teaching the business of freelancing for 10+ years
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Here's what freelance talent have to say about Freelance Pizza 😎

Writers, designers, developers, marketers and creative professional have all placed their trust in us.

Peter's professional, attentive, creative but still very friendly and human guy.

Noemi Barkoczi

Freelance Graphic and Motion Designer


What surprised me the most is the sheer amount of content. It's incredible.

Aaron Magee

Freelance Shopify Web Developer


I definitely recommend Peter's help for all your freelancing growth needs!

Peter Pajer

Freelance Full Stack Developer


You just can't buy the experience Peter's giving away.

David McElhinney

Freelance Journalist and Travel Writer


Peter was shining a light on questions I never even asked myself!

Clarissa Jurumenha

Freelance Journalist


There were things that you have thought of that I would never have thought.

Justine Harrington

Freelance Marketing Entrepreneur, Consultant

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