Welcome to the Crust Club, I'm Peter!

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Start and grow your freelance business with the ultimate freelancing course.

What surprised me the most is the sheer amount of content. It's incredible.
Aaron Magee
You always know what to do next. And it's easy, it's precise, it's on point!
Nikol Toteva
I definitely recommend Peter's help for all your freelancing growth needs!
Peter Pajer
You get a full toolkit to develop your passion into a sustainable business.
Szilvia Filep

Freedom is not easy 😩

Starting a freelance career is a challenge...
  • It is riddled with uncertainty.
    We all have that successful freelancer friend, but how do you begin? What are the first steps? How to find clients and offer valuable services?
  • Growth can be uneven.
    Freelancers often face work fluctuations. Without a consistent flow of quality leads, business can be challenging.
  • Every freelance business is unique.
    What works for one may not work for another, making generic advice risky.

...and your options to get help from are not stellar.

  • You can go to business school.
    But most programs are outdated, and do not take into account the realities of a modern, global and digital marketplace. And they cost a lot of money.
  • You can experiment yourself.
    But it takes a lot of trial and error, and unfortunately, not everybody has the luxury of failing and trying again. This all takes a lot of time and money.
  • You can hire a coach to mentor you.
    But how do you decide who to trust to be your mentors? There are no guarantees that your investment will be worthwhile.

I know this, because I learned it the hard way.

My journey went from writing $1 blog articles to landing $1000 a day consulting gigs.
This is me...

Freelancing doesn't have to be
trial and error 😌

What if there was a proven formula for starting a freelance business? Allowing you to...
  • Build a sustainable business.
    Launch your freelance business with a piece of mind, knowing that you are on the right path.
  • Unlock your personal freedoms.
    Work on projects that are interesting. Work from wherever you want and whenever you want to.
  • Focus on what matters.
    Freelancing frees up our hearts and minds. It allows us to focus on what truly matters: our passions, our family, our craft.

Say hi to the Crust Club 🍕

Build a successful business with a highly actionable freelancing course.

Not just a course. It's a playbook.

The Crust Club is a collection of 50+ custom playbooks. When stringed together, they become the ultimate freelancing course.
  • 🎯
    Focused on a single task
    Each playbook brings clarity to one particular area of building a successful freelance business.
  • 🏁
    Practical knowledge
    Videos, templates, reading materials. No fluff, only the exact actionable steps you need as a freelancer.
  • 🚀
    A learning journey
    Playbooks are organized into common modules. When stringed together, these modules become the most comprehensive freelancing course on the market.
Custom learning journeys

No two freelance businesses are alike.

A beginner web-dev has vastly different problems compared to an expert freelance copywriter. We have a solution for that.
  • 🥾
    For beginners
    New to freelancing? You will have a custom learning path for you that is easy and fun.
  • 💪
    For established freelancers
    Already a freelancer? You will jump into an actionable learning journey designed to grow your existing freelance business.
  • 🍀
    For all kinds of professionals
    Playbooks have custom freelancing examples for designers, writers, developers and marketers.
Learn by doing

Freelancing has never been easier.

Every month on the first Monday's evening you will receive a neatly packaged email, in which we set out to improve a certain area of your freelancing business.
  • 🚩
    Milestones and feedback
    Get confidence that you are on the right path. Submit your progress as you build your freelance business, and get feedback from expert freelancers.
  • 🥳
    Monthly updates
    Enjoy the benefits of regular flow of new and updated playbooks.
  • 📚
    Case studies
    Learn what other freelancers are doing, and why it works, and how to implement it in your business.

A freelancing course for
all kinds of professionals 😎

Writers, designers, developers, marketers, coaches and many other have all enjoyed the program!

There were things that you have thought of that I would never have thought.

Justine Harrington

Freelance Marketing Entrepreneur, Consultant


You always know what to do next. And it's easy, it's precise, it's on point!

Nikol Toteva

Freelance Copywriter


What surprised me the most is the sheer amount of content. It's incredible.

Aaron Magee

Freelance Shopify Web Developer


Peter was shining a light on questions I never even asked myself!

Clarissa Jurumenha

Freelance Journalist


After the very first video, I was compelled with Peter's no bullshit approach!

Kavinda Welagedara

Freelance Strategy Consultant


I definitely recommend Peter's help for all your freelancing growth needs!

Peter Pajer

Freelance Full Stack Developer

Why should
you trust me? 🙌

Hey, I'm Peter, and I know a thing or two about freelancing. Here's why.
  • 📚
    12+ years of freelancing experience
    Having worked with dozens of different companies, spanning several industries, I have seen the creative economy through the eyes of a client, consultant, contractor and C-level decision maker.
  • 🗺️
    50+ clients from 4 different continents
    Built an agency working with SMBs from all across the globe. Pivoted to consulting on inbound funnels for startups and global media agencies. Work was featured in the boardrooms of FIFA, Canon, AstraZeneca, and the World Health Organization.
  • ✈️
    30+ countries traveled and worked from
    Once a digital nomad, I have experienced first hand the world's transition into the new remote age. I am now a big proponent of acting locally and growing organic roots in a community.
  • 🎤
    1000+ hours spent in coaching and workshops
    May it be about launching a new business, or finding growth in an existing one, I have amassed a decade's worth of experience in helping, teaching and coaching entrepreneurs.

What will you get? 🤔

A proven system that helps you build a stable freelancing business.
4.9 customer rating

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We all freelance because we want more independence.
It's time you get it.
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Common Questions

Not quite convinced?

Why pizza?
Freelancing is like making pizza! The base, the pizza dough is the same for everybody, but you do get to pick your own toppings!

Just like with making pizza, building a freelance business is all about making sure that the recipe, the ingredients, and the process is done right. If you follow the recipe, get the right ingredients, and you time your oven well—you will get a delicious pizza 9/10 times! A pizza, that you can then customize to your own taste with toppings of your choice.

A freelance business is the same. The base recipe is very similar for a freelance graphic designer or a freelancer developer, it's the added toppings that make the difference—and we customize your learning experience by this principle!
Will I gain access to the whole library?
Yes! Once subscribed you have access to 50+ playbooks, covering all major topics in relation to building a successful business. You also get access to the regular monthly updates of new materials.
Do you offer a refund policy if the membership ends up not being a good fit?
You can get a refund for the yearly subscription in the frist 14 days.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, you can cancel any time, but you will lose access to the Crust Club library.
Who is the membership designed for?
The Crust Club membership was designed with both beginner and advanced freelancers in mind. If you are just starting out with freelancing, you will find a ton of great materials to help you build your business block by block. If you are already an established freelancer, you will find the same immense value in these monthly learning packages.
I am a freelance "X", is this for me?
Is the membership applicable to freelance writers, creatives, developers, assistants, lawyers, designers, animators... you name it?

Yes! The materials are generic enough so that it covers all common freelancing cases, yet they always contain varied examples from all walks of the freelancing life, making the learning materials real and easy to understand. The membership was designed with all common freelancing archetypes in find, with everyone finding immense value in the materials.
How can this membership help me grow my freelance business?
Every month you receive a package of learning materials, containing a video lesson, templates, worksheets and audio recording—called "playbooks". These materials are centered around a single topic that is essential to your freelancing success (i.e.: pricing, branding, website), and then we set out to improve that particular area of your business. The library already contains 50+ of these playbooks.
How will I receive access to the materials?
After you subscribe you gain unlimited access to the complete Crust Club library, containing 50+ playbooks. These materials are hosted on a personalized dashboard, where you see playbooks relevant to your learning journey.
What about time commitment?
The membership was designed to tackle a manageable yet impactful aspect of your freelancing business. The Crust Club was designed to be flexible, meaning that time commitment is not an issue. You might only have a couple of hours every month to work on your freelance side hustle, or have all the time in the world, either way, you will finds tons of value!
Can I request personalized advice or support for my specific freelance business needs?
Yes! Each member is entitled to receive feedback from me on their progress. Currently this happens via feedback forms under the "milestone" cards, where you can share your progress, ask questions, and receive actionable advice on how to proceed!