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Hello, I'm Peter! 👋

I help professionals launch and grow their freelance businesses!

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Free Masterclass Training on Freelancing

What is the secret to freelancing success?
The "Freelancing in 21 Days" masterclass reveals the single biggest mistake that all freelancers make, as well as provides tips on how to avoid them.
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Guidebook to Freelancing
Get Started with freelancing today
Learn about the five key ingredients to freelancing that you need to succeed.
Are you ready to freelance?
Use the interactive testing tools to find out if you have the means to make a career change to freelancing.
UpWork Profile Checklist
Create the perfect UpWork profile
Set up yourself for freelance success on UpWork by creating a profile that attracts high paying projects!
Rate Calculator
How to Set Your Freelance Rates in 2024
Know your worth, always send the right freelancing propsoal.


Peter was shining a light on questions I never even asked myself!


Clarissa Jurumenha

Freelance Journalist

Everything freelance 🎨

From creative professionals looking for more independence, to teams wanting to grow with freelance talent.
Freelancer in 21 Days
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The best talent is now freelance.
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You always know what to do next. And it's easy, it's precise, it's on point!


Nikol Toteva

Freelance Copywriter

Why pizza? 🍕

Because freelancing is like pizza,

the dough, as in the business fundamentals are the same—but everybody gets to pick their own toppings!