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Resources to grow your freelance business

Freelancing Self-Assessment test 🥼
Use the interactive testing tools to find out if you have the means to make a career change to freelancing.
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Companies that hire freelancers 💾
A database of real companies learn what kind of freelancers have they hired & how much are they paying per project.
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5-day training on freelancing 🚀
Kickstart your freelance career in 5 days. Enroll to access five days packed with videos, materials and worksheets.
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Growth consulting for advanced freelancers 🪴
Grow your business with one-on-one consulting sessions. Designed for established freelancers. First session free.
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Freelance Program: Program sample 🍕
Receive a sample of the most comprehensive freelancing business program.
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It’s comprehensive and focuses on a lot of different disciplines.
David McElhinney
You always know what to do next. And it's easy, it's precise, it's on point!
Nikol Toteva
What surprised me the most is the sheer amount of content. It's incredible.
Aaron Magee

Meet the Freelance Program. Launch your business in as little as 6 weeks.

The Freelance Program is complete educational journey designed for aspiring or already established freelancers. It is the amalgamation of what a good business school, an interactive course, a trusted mentor, and a good measure of personal perseverance could achieve. It is structured, yet highly personal. Digital, yet defiantly human.

Value only, no bullshit.

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