Having outstanding web development skills is one thing but can you really call yourself a web developer if you don’t have a fancy, interactive website? We doubt it! If you want more clients coming your way, your hard work needs to be seen. 

For web developers, first impressions play a crucial role in getting clients hooked on your services. So, what better way is there to present your work than through a visual portfolio designed to impress your potential clients? 

So, why settle for a plain template and basic fonts? Your personal website should be more than that. You can have the most efficient Javascript in there, or the snappiest Wordpress site ever—if it doesn't pop, your clients will not remember you. 

To get started, take a look at these 20+ web developer portfolio websites that absolutely pop! We divided them into 5 categories, including:

  • dark themes,
  • unique designs,
  • clean sites,
  • colorful,
  • and finally, Elegant styles.

There are also two bonus examples to get you super inspired so make sure to stick till the end of this article!

Web Design Style: Dark

#1 Patrick David 

We’ll start off with a great example of an interactive web development portfolio. Patrick David, the web designer and front-end developer behind this site has hit a home run with his website automations. 

He used big and bold fonts in combination with plain backgrounds, which works well if you want to capture the viewer’s attention. What’s impressive about David’s website design is the initial animation that kicks off as you land on the homepage, followed by a series of animations displayed as you scroll down the site. 

#2 Shane Mielke

Next up is Shane Mielke’s web development portfolio that perfectly displays his skills, projects, magazine features, awards, and much more. Thanks to eye-catching motion design, Mielke has managed to “stuff” his website’s homepage with a ton of content without making it overwhelming for the viewers.

That’s exactly what such swift automations can help you achieve. Use them to showcase your skillset, projects, and testimonials in a sleek and minimalistic way, just as this example shows. 

#3 Jack Jeznach

If you were looking to take inspiration from some of the highest quality front end developer websites, this is the one. With over 10 years of experience in Wordpress and web development, Jack Jeznach has truly shown his expertise through the design and functionality of his website.

This front end developer portfolio is absolutely stunning, from top to bottom. As soon as you open the landing page, you’ll be greeted with such attention-grabbing animations that will make you want to explore the entire site.

#4  Brittany Chiang

The last example in our category of dark-themed portfolio sites belongs to Brittany Chiang, a software developer who specializes in building unique digital experiences. That you can probably tell by the design of her website. 

Chiang showcases her extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other programming languages, all through an interactive yet simple portfolio site. If Chiang’s style is close to your own, consider taking this portfolio example as an inspiration. 

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Web Design Style: Unique

#5 Malte Gruhl

Malte Gruhl’s web developer portfolio will blow your mind if you’re a fan of 3D animations. As soon as you land on the homepage, you’ll be greeted by a series of 3D animations featuring an abstract and quite artistic vibe.

As you scroll down, you’ll find more information about Malte’s work experience and design style. This type of portfolio design is great for capturing visitors’ attention right off the bat. However, make sure the design you choose suits your personal style.

#6 Legwork Studio

This is by far one of the most unique websites you’ll come across in the web development space. Although this studio does not exist anymore, its creators left behind this website as a memory of the great service they provided.

If you were looking for an example of an interactive experience, here it is. As soon as you land on the website, you’ll get to choose between what looks like three tarot cards, each hiding a well crafted story about the studio. 

#7 Cory Hughart

Next up is Cory Hughart’s online portfolio with a couple of interesting features. Although this is a very simple website, we decided it belongs in the Unique category because of the pixel design, which we haven’t seen on many other web development portfolios. 

Besides the great user interface and a simple yet eye-catching design, Cory’s website features some great copy examples. If you look at the unique wording on his site, you’ll definitely draw some inspiration for your own portfolio.

#8 robbowen.digital

The final example in the Unique category is Robb Owens’ web development portfolio featuring a unique drawing animation of himself at the very top of the landing page. Not to mention the great work he’s done picking out the color palette for the website.

As an independent creative developer, Robb uses this portfolio website to showcase his personal projects and impress potential employers with a great layout and a fun “hire me” button at the top right corner.

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Web Design Style: Clean

#9 Adham Dannaway

Adham Dannaway specializes in UI design and design systems with a creative side. His portfolio is a great example for any front end developer who wants to showcase their work in a clean but creative way. 

What’s eye-catching about Adham’s portfolio is the creative animation that turns his photo into an abstract piece of art every time you move the cursor from one side of the screen to the other. 

#10 Tim Smith

Tim Smith’s portfolio is the definition of clean ux design. If you’re looking for inspiration to create a simple ux/ui design, this is a great website to explore. 

Tim’s website showcases everything from his work samples to social media links and contact information. What makes this type of portfolio design successful is the clean card layout that keeps all the info neatly organized.

#11 Anurag Hazra

Anurag’s portfolio built on Github neatly summarizes his areas of expertise and interests, including front end development, javascript, and creative coding. As a self-taught developer, Anurag focused on a clean and simple design to showcase his style.

Although it’s not as impressive as some of the portfolios packed with 3D animations, this website definitely gets the job done. It’s simple and easy to understand and, sometimes, that’s all your clients will want. 

#12 Will Boyd

Will Boyd, an Atlanta-based software engineer, primarily focuses on front end development and design, which you can tell from his web developer portfolio. The design of Boyd’s site is simple and straightforward.

There’s not much going on at the very front end of the site. However, if you were a client interested in Boyd’s work, you’d find all the information you need simply by scrolling down and taking a look at neatly organized sections including blog posts and latest projects. 

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Web Design Style: Colorful 

#13 Cassie Evans

Moving on to the next category of web developer portfolio examples, we found Cassie Evans’ portfolio which can be described in one word - colorful. If you hop onto Cassie’s website, you’ll come across a variety of colors as you start scrolling down.

Each section of the portfolio features a different color with a pastel-like shade. This is a great way to draw the viewer’s eyes to different details on the site without disrupting the user experience. 

#14 Olaolu Olawuyi

The next colorful portfolio on our list is one by Olaolu Olawuyi, an experienced front end developer with over a decade of experience working in this field. Olaolu uses storytelling to showcase the skillsets he gathered throughout all of those years.

Although his website is centered around a simple color scheme, it’s definitely one of the brighter and more colorful designs out there. 

#15 Lynn Fisher

If you were looking for color, you just found it! Lynn Fisher’s portfolio website truly shows his creative side. Besides being an experienced web developer and ui/ux designer, Lynn is also a digital illustrator who enjoys creating art.

In that sense, his web portfolio is a piece of art itself. If you hop over to his website, you’ll see how he combined colors creatively without pushing it over the edge. 

#16 Annie

Annie’s website is our final example of a colorful web development portfolio. This site features a combination of several different pastel colors and a light floral pattern. 

If you take a look at the site in its entirety, the whole thing is well thought out and neatly organized. Most importantly, it showcases Annie’s design style, which seems to be light and pastel. 

Web Design Style: Elegant

#17 Jennifer Opal

Next up, we’ll look into a few examples of elegant portfolio websites, such as this one made by Jennifer Opal. Besides being a DevOps Engineer, Jennifer is also a multi-award winning technologist.

There’s no doubt that her portfolio is worthy of your attention, especially if you’re looking for design inspiration. Although you won’t find any fancy animations, Jennifer’s site will show you a dose of elegance and simplicity like no other.

#18 Tinashe Makuti

Tinashe Makuti is another software developer and data engineer with quite a simple yet elegant portfolio site. Based in France, Tinashe is focused on developing solutions tied to user experience and design quality.

His website showcases elegance in the simplest of ways. There are no huge fonts or abstract lines popping out of every corner. The whole thing is simple, clean, and easy to skim through.  

#19 Adaora Nwodo

Adaora Nwodo, known as Adora, is a software engineer with many passions, including music, education, and technology. Her website is the definition of elegance in the world of online portfolios.

In fact, it’s so simple that you can’t even scroll down. This is all you get on the front page. However, this simplicity is what makes the site so elegant and professional-looking. Naturally, there’s plenty of content on there, you just gotta find it in the sidebar (left).

#20 Gift Egwuenu

Last but not least, the final example of an elegant web portfolio is the one by Gift Egwuenu, a front end developer based in the Netherlands. Gift is also a content creator, which definitely shows through her writing and design.

Her website is simple and elegant in its own way, featuring her work not only as a developer but also as a speaker and a writer. This shows that your portfolio does not have to be limited to one craft only.

Bonus Portfolio Website Examples

#21 Oluwadare Oluwaseyi

Before we sign off here, we wanted to leave you with two more great examples of portfolio websites. The first one is this portfolio made by Oluwarde Oluwaseyi, featuring large and bold typography. 

As you start scrolling through the website, you’ll be surprised by several text animations that make the whole thing look fun and interactive. There’s no doubt that Oluwarde’s portfolio is a great source of inspiration for experienced and upcoming developers.

#22 Josh Comeau

Finally, the second bonus portfolio example is this website by Josh Comeau. This is a different kind of portfolio compared to other examples on our list because of one thing - Josh decided to showcase his knowledge through words instead of visuals.

That’s why his portfolio landing page consists of blog posts and written content instead of crazy animations. Was this a good choice? We’ll let you decide!

Design Your Web Development Portfolio Like a Pro

Now that you’ve seen over 20 examples of successful web development/design portfolio websites, it’s time for you to sit down and create your own. Don’t settle for the screenshots we’ve shown you here. Make sure to explore the sites that caught your eye and take inspiration for your next steps.

What was the best web developer portfolio on the list? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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