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We can work on...
You might already have an established freelance business, but you may feel that something is missing.
  • Getting better projects.
    Redefining your business. Repositioning your service. Refining your branding. Focusing on building trust.
  • Increasing your income.
    Β Re-engaging past customers. Building an advanced CRM. Finding new client acquisition channels. Reimagining your pricing structure. Improving sales call performance. Sending kickass proposals.
  • Delivering better work.
    Project onboarding. Project management. Expectation management. Communicating with clients. Setting boundaries.
  • Finding your focus.
    Beating procrastination. Setting up productivity systems. Eliminating distractions. Setting up personal boundaries. Defining downtime. Finding work-life balance.
Who may not be a fit...
  • If you are not ready to change. Growth means change, and for that we will have to tweak established processes, experiment, and try new things. Something-something eggs and omelettes.
  • If you have an agency or a startup, you might want to find a business consultant to help out with your growth options.
  • If you have never freelanced before, this may be a bit advanced for you. Luckily, we do have a comprehensive program, designed for creative professionals like you. It's called the Freelance Program.
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Peter Balog is a freelancer, teacher, and content marketer.

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