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Get actionable advice as to what areas of your freelance business could be improved & how!

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The freelance business audit outputs a custom report card, unique to your freelance business. It identifies the strongest areas of your business, as well as some key aspects that you could improve.

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Upon completing the audit you also get access to the accompanying 10 minute webinar. Complete with immediate, actionable advice and tips as to how to improve your freelance business.

Peter was shining a light on questions I never even asked myself!

Clarissa Jurumenha

Freelance Journalist

I definitely recommend Peter's help for all your freelancing growth needs!

Peter Pajer

Freelance Full Stack Developer

You get a full toolkit to develop your passion into a sustainable business.

Szilvia Filep

Freelance Entreprenour

After the very first video, I was compelled with Peter's no bullshit approach!

Kavinda Welagedara

Freelance Strategy Consultant

You just can't buy the experience Peter's giving away.

David McElhinney

Freelance Journalist and Travel Writer

There were things that you have thought of that I would never have thought.

Justine Harrington

Freelance Marketing Entrepreneur, Consultant

Supercharge your freelance business 🚀

Get actionable advice as to what areas of your freelance business could be improved & how!


You always know what to do next. And it's easy, it's precise, it's on point!


Nikol Toteva

Freelance Copywriter

From a freelancer who has been there and done that 🤝

Peter Balog is a freelancer, teacher, and content marketer.

📚 12+ years of freelancing experience

Having worked with dozens of different companies, spanning several industries, Peter has seen the creative economy through the eyes of a client, consultant, contractor and C-level decision maker.

🗺️ 50+ clients from 4 different continents

Built an agency working with SMBs from all across the globe. Pivoted to consulting on inbound funnels for startups and global media agencies. Work was featured in the boardrooms of FIFA, Canon, AstraZeneca, and the World Health Organization.

✈️ 30+ countries traveled and worked from

Once a digital nomad, Peter has lived through the world's transition into a remote and truly location independent global workforce, full of possibilities. He is now a big proponent of acting locally and growing organic roots in a community.

🎤 1000+ hours spent in coaching and workshops

May it be about launching a new business, or finding growth in an existing one, Peter has amassed a decade's worth of experience in helping, teaching and coaching entrepreneurs.