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Day 1
How much money can one earn as a freelancer? How does experience, location, and other resources factor in?
🎥 Video lesson
👩💻 Interactive income estimator
Day 2
How long does it take to launch a freelance business? What could have an affect on a common timeline?
🎥 Video lesson
📒 Timeline infographic
Day 3
What is freelancing really like? How do you get started? What are the ups and downs?
🎥 Video interview
Day 4
Case study.
How does a real freelance business get clients? What do they struggle with, how does sheset up their service, brand and website?
🎥 Case study video
Day 5
Being ready.
As in when are we really ready to start freelancing? How can you get a head start in freelancing? What resources do you need?
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✅ Interactive self-assessment test

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There were things that you have thought of that I would never have thought. I'm excited now to do everything! I mean, it gives you all the information that you need and it's very detailed, so you're getting your bang for your buck, in terms of value.
Justine Harrington
The way it works, it was great to have the theory first. Then you have the thing you have to work with, and you have an explanation, and it guides you. Like step by step. It's like you know what to do next. You know why you have to do it. And it's easy, it's precise, it's on point.
Nikol Toteva